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Sunday Mornings: (after Shacharis)

Halachic Explorations

CaptureWith Rabbi Yaakov Kipper (Member of the Kollel of Western Monmouth County)

This class explores a timely Halacha; tracing its source from the Talmud and its commentaries through the Shulchan Aruch to contemporary authorities.

Fresh Donuts & coffee are served!

Monday Nights: 

TalmuIMG_2180d Study Group

With Mr. Alan Haarburger

This lively, interactive learning group can best be described as a club! Participants enjoy debating Talmudic ideas while sharing camaraderie and enjoying refreshments.

Tuesday mornings: (after Shacharis)

Gemara ClassCapture.JPG2

Rabbi Leiter

A traditional gemara shiur, with a focus on reading and analytical skills,

presently studying Meseches Berachos.

Wednesday afternoons: (3:00 pm)

JewishIMG_0138 Thought

Rabbi Leiter

These classes, which are preceded by refreshments and socializing, are lectures in ethics, psychology and Jewish thought. Seasonal topics are often chosen in order to provide a fresh understanding of the Holidays and their practices.

Wednesday evenings: 

Capture.JPG5Kitzur Shulchan Orech

Rabbi Leiter

The Concise Code of Jewish Law is studied in the original. Participants are often amazed at the nuances of the Halachah that they pick up from the class.

Thursday evenings: 

IMG_2169Parsha Study group

With Mr. Alan Haarburger

Alan chooses highly interesting and timely topics which are often eye-opening from the Weekly Torah Reading.

Parsha Review & Psalms for Women (Thursday Evenings)

Mrs. Suri Leiter reviews parsha points and insights as well as a chapter of Tehillim (Psalms) & how it applies to our everyday life.  Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join.  Times and location vary.  Please email the Shul for details.[/fusion_text][/one_full]