Rabbi’s message

Dear Friends,

At UHC it is axiomatic that each and every participant adds quality and flavor to our community.  We deeply appreciate the words of Rav Zalman Sorotzkin zt”l who said that “the Torah was given to Klal Yisroel, not to Rebbe Yisroel (ie. the Torah was given to everyone, not to certain individuals). Hence, each and every person is valued and plays a significant role in the Shul.

We, likewise, are dedicated to provide a space in which Jews of all ages can thrive and grow religiously. We strive to be there for people; to give hope at times of crisis, to provide consolation at times of loss, to celebrate together in times of joy and to inspire at all times.

At UHC the Torah learning is Central, the Tefillos/prayers are beautiful and uplifting and good character is paramount.

We are fortunate to have a partnership with Yeshiva Tiferes Naftoli of Central New Jersey. For more than a decade, the yeshiva families have been involved in and elevated every aspect of the Shul. We also value our warm relationship with the other Torah organizations in the area, who provide rich experiences and varied services for the community.

Please join us in the continuing development of the Marlboro/Manalapan community.

Chaim Leiter